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How Apple’s iPad is going to be the Device of COVID-19

Apple iPhone Production Targets

How Apple’s iPad is going to be the Device of COVID-19

Last few days have seen a lot of talk about how the global pandemic has influenced technology trends all over the world. With technology flying off the shelves in this worldwide lockdown, Apple’s iPad has gained relevance.

While the big players ignored the threat of the iPad when it was launched in 2010, Steve Jobs was very clear with his ideas and expectations from what was then considered a β€œwaste of money.”
In this article, I’m going to break down how the iPad is going to be the device of COVID – 19.


The iPad has come a long way since its launch in 2010. From screen size to device thickness, Apple has not left any stone unturned to make the iPad the most user-friendly device ever. They jam-packed the iPad with power, battery life, and processing and ended up making it the long lost dream of every PC, mobile, and tablet manufacturer ever.


The initial version of the trackpad could be found buried deep inside accessibility settings but with iOS 13.4 which was released this March, Apple introduced robust trackpad support. Since Apple can control the user experience on its devices, the cursor morphs depending upon the content shown on the screen. And with its recent β€˜Magic Keyboard’ which has an inbuilt trackpad, Apple can really take a gigantic leap in replacing the conventional laptop with the iPad.

Cellular Connectivity:

Apple iPhone Production Targets

Offering cellular connectivity is how Apple has aced the race against laptops and PCs. With cellular connectivity, you can download, edit, and share documents on the go and never lose touch with the world.

But all these luxuries come at a price most people are not comfortable paying. Users would generally pay 20% more while buying Apple devices that are on par with their Windows counterparts.

With all this said, you can be sure that the legacy of Steve Jobs will not disappoint you.

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