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How Kamala Harris Became A Part Of Law Enforcement?

Kamala was Backlashed for keeping her promise.

On Jan 2004, Kamala Harris had become San Francisco’s district attorney. Barely three months into the job, Ms Harris was not in good terms with the police after a gang member gunned down an officer named Isaac Espinoza. He was just 29 years old. Ms Harris had opposed the death penalty during her campaign as she wanted to tackle domestic violence and sex trafficking. So, she told that she would not seek the death penalty against the gang member who was accused of killing the officer. Instead, she told that she would send the man to spend his life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

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Kamala Harris

This was a rare decision for California. Kamala wanted to stand up for those who had felt ignored. She promised never to charge the death penalty. People found it a very bad political move and judged her. The police union was very much disgusted with this news. It seems that the timing of her announcement wasn’t really good. The new police chief- Heather Fong, called it an affront to the people who “risk their lives for the sake of the public’s safety.”

The conflicting opinions of the public and police about Kamala:

From that time onwards, Harris has found herself to be torn between two groups: the police union who do the work of law enforcement and the activists who want to see a legal system which is juster. Some people found Kamala to be a very progressive lady, while some felt that she had a lack of compassion. However, Kamala never cares about the opinions of others.

Right now, Harris is the Democratic nominee for vice president and a very influential politician in America. Throughout her political career, she stood strong in front of people who considered her as an outsider or undeserving. Suzy Loftus, an American attorney, said that Kamala has learnt from her mistake. For instance, she is more cautious than ever and won’t rush out anymore to make an announcement.

Kamala Harris: Learning from past experiences:

Despite being called as anti-police, in 2010, Kamala became California’s first female and first Black attorney general. She took a huge step of visiting all the 58 California countries, which definitely helped her in making her relationship better with the police.

Kevin McCarty, a Democratic state legislator from Sacramento, authored a bill to require the attorney general. He wanted to take away investigations of police shootings from local district attorneys. However, Harris wasn’t convinced, so she didn’t support the bill.” All these incidents made her face a lot of pressure, but she stood tall.

With a lot of experience now, she is a Senate who is campaigning on various issues. However, there is a slight difference. She isn’t going to make laws; rather, she has to enforce them.

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