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How To Restart Their Virus-Halted Economies? The Early Experiences In China And Parts Of Europe Will Not Be An Easy Task!


Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic, everyone is working from home across the globe. Initially, it started in China and next spread to all the countries. Now, except china and som counties of Europe, most of the parts of the world are affected by the dangerous coronavirus. So, China and the parts of Europe have a massive decrease in their financial levels.

Restart Of Life

Now China and Europe want to restart their lifestyle and their industries. But, it will be not an easy task to get status back. From all most three months, workers are not into the sectors. Everyone is staying indoors and due to the rapid increase of COVID deaths. Even shopkeepers are not allowed to open their shops. Only, a specific time is allotted for them to sell daily groceries.

The economy table looks dropping due to the global pandemic in China, America, and major European countries.

Every person is wearing a mask and glove to protect themselves from COVID-19. Being in this challenging situation, leaders want to restart their factories. Also, some officials want to re-open schools and shops to their economic growth back.Β Also, Some Chinese restaurants tried to start their business by posting photos of celebrities. In the U.S, people are getting health relief checks to help in paying the bills.

Also, In Roome people are moving out, because of the opening of shops. In Vienna, Marie Froehlich, a clothing centre owner, said that their staff was happy to come back for work. But, this will take some months to go to the normal state. In China, Truckman says that it is tough to live with low expenses.

A staff member cleans a seafood section counter shows that China starts back the economy.

Will It Possible To Be Back

Also, people are waiting for the situation to turn better as soon as possible. Even in America, industries were being shut down, and now people are experiencing, which is not there in their history. After the demobilization in 1996 at the end of WorldWar II.

In the department of sales, it was minus 8.7%, which is worse than ever, by April. As per expectations, it will decrease more in many parts of the planet. Unfortunately, for every minute, it is getting an increase in the positive cases and deaths of people due to the pandemic.

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