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Howard Stern Criticizes August Alsina For Speaking Up About His Relationship With Jada Pinkett !

Howard Stern
Source: Complex

Howard Stern Talks About August Alsina-Jada Pinkett Controversy

Howard Stern is a famous radio personality who is known for the radio show, The Howard Stern show. It started in 1986 and came to an end in 2005. He has come as a judge in the famous Talent show America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern talked about the controversy behind Jada and August’s relationship. He gave his verdict regarding the same and said that August should not have come up with the confession in the first place. He said, β€œWhat a fucking dickwad. Dude, you got to fuck Jada Pinkett Smith. By the way, put me in that line. That girl is hot. Be a little bit classy.”

Howard Stern
Source: Complex

Howard Stern Criticizes August Alsina

During the whole time, Howard Stern never called out August by his name. He did not mince words in showing his anger towards August. Howard tried to convey that August was lucky that he got to sleep with Jada, and it is like a favour from Jada to him. He said, β€œI still don’t know your name, asshole. You did a bonehead thing. She fucking banged you. How nice of her. I mean, look at her.”

Howard Stern Defends Jada Pinkett

Howard extended his support to Jada Pinkett and Will Smith. He also implied that Jada had no reason to come forward and tell her side. Howard further said that Jada had no need to defend herself in front of the public. He said, β€œNow she’s got to go on Facebook and sit here and explain herself to Will Smith and her kids and her mother. What did she do that was so horrible to this guy that he has to f*ck her life up?” Jada and Will’s Red Table Talk episode became an instant viral video and garnered the most views for any Red Table Talk.

Will and Jada
Source: Sky News

Howard Stern Packs A Final Punch On Howard Stern

Howard Stern did not stop with his criticism and gave a final blow with his words. He said August could brag about sleeping with Jada above his career. Howard said, β€œYou know what his beef is? I’m not famousβ€”I fucked Jada Pinkett Smith.”



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