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Hyundai Goes ‘Paw-Fessional’; Stray Dog Gets Job In The Show Room

Hyundai Goes 'Paw-Fessional'; Stray Dog Gets Job In The Show Room

A Hyundai dealership in Brazil has hired a special sales’man’ to help with the sale of the automobiles – Tucson Prime the dog. Tucson Prime often spotted hanging out near the Hyundai car showroom in Brazil.

Hyundai :Stray Dog Gets Job In The Show Room

Also, he was mostly near the showroom employees. Guess, now he is one of them. In other words, he is hired and an honorary employee, also, with necessary documents of identity card.

Hyundai Gives Job To A Stay Dog

Hyundai showroom in Brazil has hired a unique employee, a stray dog as part of their team after the canine sat outside their gallery regularly.

Tuscan Prime promoted to a car salesman. It was adopted in May this year by Hyundai Serra, ES, Brazil forum, according to a report published in World of Buzz, the dog.

Tucson frequently hanged out near Hyundai and soon made friends with employees of the showroom. Also, later who enrolled him into their family and made him an honorary employee – complete with his ID card.

Hyundai New Employee

After going viral on social media recently, the heartwarming story of Tucson Prime has won thousands of hearts.

Tuscan Instagram account

Tuscan has his made his debut on Instagram account. Also, gaining over 28,000 followers.

Tucson working hard to earn a living

As a result, photos shared on the Instagram account show Tucson working hard to earn a living. Besides, you can see him attending meetings and. You are greeting influential Hyundai executives. Sometimes even demanding belly rubs.

Tucson Prime’s story became the centre of everyone’s attention after sharing on Instagram by Hyundai Brazil three days ago.

The automotive manufacturer wrote while introducing their newest employee on Instagram.

He wrote: β€œMeet Tucson Prime, the sales dog at the Hyundai Prime dealership. The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the #Hyundai family and has already won over co-workers and customers. ”

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