I Have Failed You All’ Cries Kim Jong Un While Apologising The People Of North Korea! Check it out
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‘I Have Failed You All’ Cries Kim Jong Un While Apologising The People Of North Korea!

What is happening? Can you imagine the authoritarian dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-Un wrote a tearful apology crying ‘I’m sorry to the sorry’ to the countrymen? Check out everything you need to know about it.

Kim Jong Un Gets Emotional

Recently Jong Un issued an apology asking the people of North Korea to forgive him for failing to give a better life to the countrymen. He mentions that he has adequately was unable to get “rid our people of the difficulty in their lives.”


What shocked people the most was was the fact that he made many comments about the parade that held in the capital Pyongyang. It happened over the last weekend commemorate the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party.

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The apology was mentioned in the Korean Times on behalf of the dictator. The first few lines of the apology saying that the people of Korea have always placed trust in him. However, he says he has failed to statist their needs. And he is very much embarrassed about it.


After half the speech Jong Un was captured removing his glasses. His eyes looked warty with people assuming that he was crying. Kim Jong Un happens to be very emotional in public for the first time.


It was claimed by the Korean Times that Kim Jong Un might be feeling a lot of pressure of the leadership he has been handling for years. During his speech, he mentions about the challenges he has been struggling with. However, it was a very emotional heart touching speech. What do you think about it?

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