Ian Somerhalder Reveals Getting In An Argument With Fellow Actor For The Role Of ‘Damon’ In The Vampire Diaries!

Ian Somerhalder car live at what happens live show on 24 June Where is build a lot of tea about the show and how he got the role of Damon. A fan commented that for the role of Damon it was a tough fight between him and another big named celebrity. And the fan wants to know the whole story behind it and how he could make it. Ian gave all the information and spice things for his fans. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The 42-year-old vampire diaries superstar visited what happens a live show. Where he gave A lot of information about the show, his personal life and spilled a lot of tea. A fan asked Ian if there was someone else also selected for the role that he got in the vampire diaries. And took a few minute pause recalling the whole incident and explained it to his fans. He explained that while auditioning there was a big name the star who came for the role as well.

Ian On The Set Of Vampire Diaries

He explained that he was playing it super cool and kind of psyched him out. However, he went up to him and confirmed that it is his role and he is doing it and that is all. Explaining further Ian says that he doesn’t remember his name and people might already know him. But he was just super handsome, blue eyed, and blonde. He was a very attractive man and could have gotten the role as well. However he was already selected for it and made it happen like it was his.

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Soon after he confirmed the information the video clips of it went viral all over social media platform. Fans started going crazy over the information given. With many claiming that nobody else other than Iran could have done the role better. He got a lot of love and appreciation for his role in vampire diaries once again. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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