‘The Vampire Diaries’ Or ’Lost’: What Would Ian Somerhalder Choose? Check it out now.
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Ian Somerhalder: What Would He Choose ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Or ’Lost?’

Ian Somerhalder: What Would He Choose ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Or ’Lost?’: While talking about the sexiest Hollywood actors how can we not include Ian Somerhalder. He might top the list. He is coming a lot in the headlines recently. The iconic star has acted in not one but two excellent series, both ‘Lost’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Check out what would he choose if he was asked to act in any one of them.

Lost Or The Vampire Diaries?

Fans are still mesmerised by his sexy looks and incredible acting skills in both the series that he acted years earlier. In the Lost, he serves as Boone, who died in the first season only. However, he appears in the final season and has left an impression very impactful.


Talking about The Vampire Diaries, He has acted as a lead role of Demon Salvatore. Throughout the seasons’ fans have given him tons of love and support. Even he still has the same impact as he had years earlier or even more.

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In 2019, Ian dared to be a part of the Ellen Show, where he was supposed to play a few risky games. In one of the game, he was asked which was his favourite role and what would be preferred if asked to choose one.


He was speechless for the first few minutes.  However, he later answered by saying that he would always choose Vampire diaries over lost or any other role. He claims that Vampire Diaries has given him a lot of fame and a lot to learn.


Ian even mentioned that when we were acting in the vampire diaries, he was on no.2 whereas, in lost he was at no.1 so that is also one reason he would choose vampire diaries. What do you think about it?

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