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IBM, Microsoft joins the Vatican for the regulation of facial recognition technology and algor ethics


IBM, Microsoft and other officials from European Union, United Nations have joined Vatican for regulation of facial recognition technology and algorithmic conditioning.

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The parties are promoting the ethical development of artificial intelligence A.I.The A.I. future impacts on society like job loss, facial recognition and increased ethical concerns

The parties want the Artificial Intelligence to guarantee privacy, human rights and work in a transparent and reliable manner

They have signed a document called the β€œRome Call for Al Ethics,” prepared by the Pontifical Academy for Life to Pope Francis on Friday

The document says, β€œA.I. based technology must never be used to exploit people in any way, especially those who are most vulnerable. Instead, it must be used to help people develop their abilities and to support the planet.”

The document highlighted, β€œ the higher risk of impacting human being around facial recognition.”

Pope raised his concerns over the uncontrolled spread of A.I. applied science- extracting information and data without the people knowledge and using it for industrial and political purposes. Calling for the right growth of algorithms that isΒ algor-ethics


IBM executive vice president John Kelly 3 and, Microsoft president Brad Smith was there at the conference at the VaticanΒ 

Pope Francis has been showing his concerns around A.I. for more than a year. Pope Francis was not able to attend the conference due to illness but supported the parties through a call.

The Pope said in his message, β€œThis asymmetry, by which a select few know everything about us while we know nothing about them, dulls critical thought and the conscious exercise of freedom.”

β€œInequalities expand enormously; knowledge and wealth accumulate in a few hands with grave risks for democratic societies,” he said

Facial recognition systems are used by the police and Fortune 500 companies in investigating crimes and to vet job applicants

IBM and Microsoft turned down their business after knowing the customer’s interest in using their technology which made them uncomfortable

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