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IBM: Open Mainframe Project-An Initiative To Help Out Trained COBOL Engineers

COBOL engineers gets trained through IBM mainframes.

IBM: Trains COBOL Engineers

First and foremost we all know the effect of the coronavirus outbreak towards the economy. Undoubtedly, this is a global pandemic. Around 10 million people have applied for unemployment due to this situation. This is a financial crisis. Apart from this, it is also affecting the financial markets. Now, IBM tries to help out the problems.

This pandemic has also affected New Jersey Governor Phil and his industries. Two hundred twenty billion lines are used. Banking sectors are also affected. This is a very critical mission for the biggest banks. Unemployment is a crisis in the United States of America.Β 

They have invented an Open Mainframe Project. Open Main Frame will enable corporations and synchronizations through various communities.Β This is an open-source initiative. Broadcom, IBM, Phoenix Software, Rocket Software, SUSE, Vicom Infinity, and Zoss Team are all working together. Officials delivered these statements.

IBM trains COBOL Engineers with their mainframe project.

IBM: Three Major Forums

These are the three parts. Along with the above article, let us see this one below.

  • Firstly, calling all COBOL Programmers Forum will happen: Volunteers and developers looking for a job can post their profiles here. It all depends upon their qualifications and activeness of looking for the job.Β 
  • Secondly, COBOL Technical Forum will happen: This is the next new forum. It will be handled and monitored by highly qualified COBOL programmers. Undoubtedly, all programmers can learn new techniques through this process. They would also learn new skills. This will help them to answer challenging questions.Β 
  • Thirdly, Open Source COBOL Training will happen: This course will be synchronized with IBM. All clients with higher education would be contributing to the same. This will also provide the open-source of license availability. GitHub will organize this.Β 
  • This is happening due to the global pandemic issue.Β 
The mainframes of the IBM aligned sequentially in the server room.

About Broadcom

Firstly, investments are happening to open space for more developers. Many strategies have been implemented for the same. Open source code can be downloaded from VS Code Marketplace. This project will be uploading the latest news and reports. Let us all hope the issue becomes calmed down once this all goes away. Stay updated on this article for more details.Β 

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