IISC Banglore Launches It's Most Wanted Course Of All Time. Check It Out Now!
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IISC Banglore Launches It’s Most Wanted Course Of All Time. Check It Out Now!

IISC Banglore Launches It’s Most Wanted Course Of All Time. Check It Out Now!: The most excellent educational news of today is that now IISc Bangalore will offer an online advanced computational data science program. Check out the details about the program.

The Computational Program

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has finally announced to launch an online 10-month course of the computational data science. The system will start in January 2021 and last up to 10 months from its start.


The advanced executive program will be for the data engineers, data analysts, data architects, and data scientists. There are specific criteria to fit into if you want to enrol in for the course, with the most important being having a bachelor degree in the field of science and having at least one year of experience.

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Soon after the announcement was made, the news broke the internet, and the technical free made it viral. It will be a tremendous ample opportunity for everyone who wants to learn but couldn’t for some of the other reason.


The course will be held online and anyone in the world from the field of science. That hold a bachelor degree and a 1-year experience can apply for the time. The course will be held live with great technology experts, and the candidate can enjoy the interactive session.


When the news went official on the internet, the notice included machine learning, the mathematics of data science, neural networks, data engineering, and business analytics and many other science courses. The course will not only undergo all the theoretical aspect but may also have live self analyses. And one the time comes to an end, the candidates will be given various practical tasks as well. Why do you think about the opportunity?



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