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iMac 2020 Is Coming – Every Update You Need To Know !

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iMac 2020

iMac 2020: Apple has confirmed a lot of new products coming towards the users this year. Apple always launches products that change the phase of technology. Starting from the iPhone, Apple has seldom failed to meet the expectations of the people and have successfully come with engaging products. The premium design and exclusive features, along with high security, make Apple products worth investing. After headlines about iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 14, the world is eager to get updates on iMac. This is because the last version of it came in March 2019 and people now think that the makers have forgotten about their all in one product. However, we have got updates for you.


First Speculated Release Date Of iMac 2020

As per the new reports, iMac 2020 is very close to finishing and is all set to release by the end of 2020. Industry analyst Jon Prosser tweeted that Apple is ready with iMac 2020 and the announcement regarding release can come anytime. Leaker CoinX also gave a hint about the release. The leaker is known for giving correct information on iPad Pro and other Apple products. He tweeted on 4 March that a new iMac is on its way and will come very soon. As per the China Times, Apple will release a low-cost iMac in the second half of 2020.

Second Speculated Release Date Of iMac 2020

Another rumour suggests that the release of a new iMac is unlikely to take place in 2020. However, it also suggests that the product is most likely to release by the start of 2021. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported in April that the new iMac is still under development. If that is true, then there is still time before its release. We can expect an announcement soon as iMac has not got an update for more than a year, which is not usually the case with Apple.

imac 2020
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Price of iMac 2020

Apple is most likely to lower the price iMac to attract more customers. MacBook Air’s price was lowered by Apple, which shows that the company is willing to lower its price for the sake of getting more customers.

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