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IMDb: 10 Best Netflix Movies Based On True Stories

The 10 best Netflix film based on true stories include:

1.The Photographer Of Mauthausen(6.7):

the photographer of mauthausen

The film mainly focuses on the life of Francisco Boix, a Spanish photographer. He is kept in prison in the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Behind The Mauthausen Concentration Camp:

During his stay in the Mauthausen concentration camp, he clicks many pictures that show the cruelty of The Nazis. At the same time, he struggles a lot to protect the negatives of these photographs and finally conceals the evidence.

2.My Week With Marilyn(7.0):

It shows the life of Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe is said to be one of the most inspiring film personalities that have lived so far.

Michelle Williams played the role of Marilyn as she resembles her completely in looks, gestures, and voice. Colin Clark is the writer who wrote many books regarding Marilyn.

3.The King(7.3):

The King

The King depicts the life of King Henry V, basing on the works of William Shakespeare.

In spite of having the desire for peace, the monarch must force himself to fight, to protect his kingdom. The film stars TimothΓ©e Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, and Joel Edgerton.

4. Dolemite Is My Name(7.3):

Dolemite Is My Name

This movie depicts the life of Rudy Ray Moore, who is well known as Dolemite.

Dolemite is his character name in stand-up comedy and the movies. Rudy Ray Moore, despite having less knowledge, tries his best to make the audience laugh.

5.The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind(7.6):

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

This movie is based on a child who faced many problems when he lived in Malawi. Even his family and neighbors faced similar issues.

This boy William Kamkwamba has to leave school due to lack of resources. He built a windmill taking ideas from a science book he read in the library. He made it with the lowest cost possible using recycled material.

The story shows the effects of a corrupt government. It also serves as an inspiration to many young people.

IMDb: 10 Best Netflix Movies Based On True Stories:

6.The Theory Of Everything(7.7):

The Theory Of Everything

The Theory Of Everything depicts the life of the couple Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking. This movie mainly concentrates on the problems that Stephen Hawking faces from the early days of his life.

This movie also shows how the couple manages to help each other in various platforms of their life.

7.Dallas Buyers Club(8.0):

Dallas Buyers Club is based on the experience of Ron Woodroof, a rodeo enthusiast. Ron Woodroof is diagnosed with HIV, and he knows that she lives only for 30 more days.

Craig Borten wrote the script of this film after interviewing Ron Woodroof for about 20 hours before his death. McConaughey and Jared Leto are starred in this film, who took a lot of effort and even by losing weight.

8.King’s Speech(8.0):

King’s Speech depicts the life of George VI, showing how he overcomes his inner demons.

This film mainly focusses on the anxiety and insecurity that people face while addressing the public. Public figures in society primarily face this problem. This movie concentrates on how a person can overcome worldly fears.

9.The Pursuit Of Happyness (8.0):

The Pursuit Of Happyness is an emotional movie basing on the life of Chris Gardner. He is a common man who loses all his savings in the wrong investment.

Chris Gardner reaches a stage of living on the streets. He eats food from charity food centers. But finally, after a lot of hard work, contrarily, he turns out to be the director of a multi-million-dollar company.

10.The Pianist (8.5):

The Pianist movie is basing on the memories of Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. It also shows the determination of a pianist who continues to play music during the Second World War.

Wladyslaw Szpilman continues to play music among the sounds of bombs, mourns of people, which is very hard for any human being. However, his determination dominates his fear.


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