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Important Feature Of One Plus Smartwatch Leaked! Know It Now!

One Plus Smartwatch
Source: Twitter

One Plus May Soon Join The Smartwatch Race

At this point, Apple is the leading company when it comes to smartwatches. However, things started changing a long time ago when Samsung also entered the same niche market. However, Apple still manages to attract more customers in this area. Things might change now.

One Plus is a company that has risen through the ranks to become a competitor to Apple and Samsung in the flagship smartphone range. Now there are rumors that it will soon be entering the smartwatch market as well to give cut-throat competition to Apple.

One Plus Smartwatch
Source: Twitter

Important Leak On One Plus Smart Watch

One Plus has managed to keep its smartwatch behind the curtains as not many people can find even a worthy rumor about it. However, recently a leaker released a significant leak through a tweet regarding the design of the watch.

Max J is the name of the leaker, and he has provided right and credible information on One Plus in the past. He recently tweeted that the One Plus smartwatch will have a round dial to go with the traditional design of a regular watch.

How Do Things Change With Round Dial For One Plus

The revelation of a round dial poses some critical implications. It would mean that One Plus is turning towards a different direction from Apple, which has a rounded corner rectangular dial. It also means that One Plus will enter the rack of Samsung, which also has a circular dial.

It is amusing to note that One Plus is taking a different approach compared to its subsidiaries Oppo and Vivo, who have a rectangular dial. Looks like their parent company BBK Electronics is trying to attract all kinds of people from every income group.

One Plus Apple
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New One Plus Smart Watch May Be The Perfect Competition For Apple Watch Series 6

Apple may soon unveil its Watch series six on its online event that will take place on the 15th of September. If One Plus comes with its smartwatch soon, it may give a tight competition to the giants of this industry.

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