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‘In The Other Waters Nintendo’: Mystery Of Alien Seas! Now Available On Nintendo Switch, Humble Store, GOG And Steam!

When we talk about some interesting game concepts, we imagine a good platform, smooth controls and fantastic storylines. In Other Waters is the game which might fulfil all these.

In Other Waters: Explained

The game concept is quite intriguing. We are the main character in the story and for the first time, we might overlook this as the only. Ellery Vas is the Al here and has a particular base where she can test lifeforms. However, this is only possible after she has the perfect sample for it. Why is she here? She’s looking for a lost friend. In spite of having contact, this form of communication is very narrow and allows only certain conversation to take place.

The controls of the game are pretty classic. You can try the touchscreen mode or just use controls, but it won’t matter much. I guess you’ll have to play it to discover the slightly shifting soundtrack.

In The Other Waters

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Real Life Concept

The basic idea of the game is to portray an unknown world, which is also corresponding to our current world situation. We, as humans, influence the lifeforms around us. Vas is actually looking at something similar, the devastating we have caused.

With the proceedings of the game, our AI personality develops more complex ‘feelings’ and we have a deeper insight about the capture ideas of In Other waters. Yes, there are some alien creatures portrayed by dots around but I don’t think they must be too alien to us if their whole form is to be visible. The narrative and information provided about surroundings leaves us with a lot of imagination to do on our part.


In The Other Waters

The gameplay was made available to get over Steam, Nintendo Switch, Humble Store and even GOG. There’s also a 10% release discount for steam and switch! Isolate during coronavirus and grab your switch, dress up in the suit and explore more of the alien world.

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