Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification. Prepare for Microsoft AZ-301 Exam with Practice Tests Before It Retires

By monitoring the needs of its students, Microsoft decided to make some changes to its certification program. If you look at the exam list now, you will notice that there are a lot of beta tests, and the new ones appear from time to time. This is because some current exams will be replaced and some brand new ones will be launched.

These inevitable changes have affected the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential as well. Both exams (AZ-300 and AZ-301) that you need to pass to earn this badge will be replaced by the Microsoft AZ-301 VCE Exam Dumps. The candidates can already take this new exam to gauge their strengths, but most of them continue to sit for the ones that are still in progress. That is why let’s look at the details of this duo, especially at Microsoft AZ-301.

Microsoft AZ-301: Prerequisites

Microsoft Certified

First of all, you need to know that the certificate does not have formal requirements, except taking the associated exams, and theoretically, anyone can pass them. However, you should understand that this is an expert-level badge, and your knowledge and skills have to be of a masterful quality. There are solutions that can help you with this. You may aim for some easier tasks and try those credentials, which are from the lower levels in the Microsoft certification program and give you fundamental expertise in certain sectors. Otherwise, you will need to put much more effort into the task than those individuals who already have some experience in advising the stakeholders and translating business requirements into scalable, reliable, and secure solutions.

Microsoft AZ-301: Basic exam information

Examsnap Microsoft AZ-301 follows the same structure as most Microsoft Azure role-based tests. Those students who have prior experience in sitting for any of these exams should not bother much about the exam policies, passing score, pattern, and related aspects. But still, it is a good idea to recall these features if you are going to pass the AZ-301 test. Let’s check out some basic information about it.

First of all, let’s start with the exam format. Even though the total number of questions in any Microsoft test is usually subject to change over time, you can expect to find around 40-60 questions in the AZ-301 exam. Those students who are taking this certification test can encounter different question types, including drag and drop active screen, mark review, review screen, multiple-choice, short answer, best answer, build a list, and case studies. Also, you need to note that you will be given around 150 minutes to complete this exam. All the Microsoft technical tests usually require a passing score of 700, and this one is no exception. Any score equal to or greater than 700 points is marked as “Pass.” Those individuals who fail the exam can apply to retake it within the allowed time period of 24 hours. After the completion, they will know their results within just a few minutes. There will also be a printed report card containing the score and overall performance in various areas—Microsoft sends these scorecards within the next five business days.

Please note that each time you retake your test, you have to pay the exam fee that is $165 for those applicants who pass it in the United States. Since it does not include any applicable taxes, the students should confirm the exact sum with their provider. Any individual eligible for fee reduction can submit their valid credentials. They may be one of the Academy program members, Microsoft trainers, or Microsoft Partner Network Program Members.

Microsoft AZ-301: Exam modules

Another important detail you should know is a list of topics that you have to master. They are as follows:


  • Designing an Infrastructure Strategy


About 15-20% of all the questions in the Microsoft AZ-301 exam can come from this domain. This objective is largely divided into four subsections, including designing of storage, networking, compute, and monitoring a strategy for infrastructure.


  • Determining Workload Requirements


This area is intended to test the student’s proficiency in gathering requirements and information from various Azure resources, optimizing a consumption strategy, as well as designing an auditing and monitoring strategy. About 10-15% of the exam questions may come from this section.


  • Designing a Data Platform Solution


This section covers various subtopics, such as designing a data management strategy, monitoring and designing it for the data platform, as well as designing and documenting data flow.IT will help you to learn skills for Azure managed services.

. It makes up about 15-20% of the whole content.


  • Designing for Identity and Security


This subject has more significant value in the exam over all other areas because approximately 20-25% of all the questions may come from this domain. It is broadly divided into different subcategories, including designing identity management, monitoring a strategy for security and identity, authentication and authorization, as well as designing for risk prevention for identity.


  • Designing a Business Continuity Strategy


This objective covers 15-20% of the exam content. You have to demonstrate your expertise in the following areas: designing for high availability, developing a site recovery strategy, and a data archiving strategy, as well as creating a disaster recovery strategy for individual workloads.


  • Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration


Just like the title suggests, the questions under this module are designed to evaluate the candidates’ ability to develop deployment, migration, as well as API integration strategies in the Azure infrastructure….like Azure WVD etc. And it covers about 10-15% of the whole content.


Microsoft AZ-301 is not an easy test. To pass it, the learners try to use various preparation strategies. Whatever strategy you choose, consider including the official resources from the Microsoft site as well as the study materials from the Exam-labs platform. You can find the whole package with various tools on this website. It will contain a study guide with more than 100 pages, 128 video lectures, and 226 practice questions with answers to evaluate your knowledge. All these resources can help you succeed in two ticks.

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