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Inside The Last Of Us Part II Creates The Hype!

The Last Of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II: Ever read about the fungus which caused humans to become brainless cannibals? You must have. All the zombie apocalypse gamers are having the time of their lives.

I think the only community which is happy because of the pandemic is the player’s community. Bonus- The Last Of Us Part II is almost here! It initially made forย PlayStation 4.

This game came out long ago, way back in 2013. Joel and Ellie are the main characters, and I bet most of the female gamers admire this. It’s hard to see a female main character in most games, but The Last Of Us did an excellent job.

It is a survival game played in a third-person view. There are zombies, wild animals, and terrible human beings who will try to kill you. Must dodge or kill whatever is in the way to survive.

The Last Of Us Part II
The Last Of Us Part II

Storyline Of The Last Of Us Part II

There are so many leaks from the game that people are going bonkers over it! We will have Ellie back in the new game, obviously, and she is all grown up!

Plus, the scenes from the new game is just so beautiful. I think we all might have a glimpse of lush green mountains, beautiful hills, and a clean environment. That’s obvious because now the world has few remaining people to pollute it.

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Some Major Leaks And The Gameplay

The gameplay is going to change a lot. Since it was almost seven years ago that it was released, the graphics and the characters must improve to a great extent.

A Scene From The Last Of Us Part II
A Scene From The Last Of Us Part II

In addition to this, there was a secret epilogue from the game, too, which gives a lot of details about The Last Of Us Part II.

Ellie will have more features; she can save herself from a lot of things that previously seemed difficult. Crawl on grass, camouflage, and leave behind no trace, that all too! Are you excited for the new release?

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