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Instagram Launched A COVID-19 Tracker Showing The Virus Transmission Rate!



First and foremost, I hope everyone is safe, and everyone is staying indoors. We all know the effect of COVID-19 on entertainment, economic, and technological industries. Along with this, every business industry is suffering from struggling right now due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Check out all details about Instagram’s COVID-19 Tracker here.Β 

Secondly, due to this scenario, every country is under stringent lockdown. The government of every country is trying to protect its citizens by isolating them. Without any doubt, some of the very developed countries such as the United States of America is the worst-hit country due to COVID-19. Unquestionably New York is the worst-hit city on the entire planet duty the outbreak of COVID-19.Β 

Instagram's COVID-19 Tracker
The founders of Instagram brought up a COVID-19 Tracker to share the transmission rate.

Thirdly, to control the situation and to provide is to the audience, Instagram has launched something special.Β  In addition to this, Instagram has recently launched a COVID-19 tracker which shows the virus transmission rate on this planet. Moreover, read this article to get more details about the same.

COVID-19 Tracker: About The Website

Let me tell you what has Instagram done. Founders of Instagram Mr Kevin and Mr Mike have come together to release their first product. Kevin and Mike came together for the first time after leaving the Facebook team.Β Β 

In addition to this, they have developed a website called is an up-to-date tracker do track the speedy spread of COVID-19 in every state possible. This website is accessible to everyone to keep track of community spreading and rapid spreading. Moreover, read the paragraph below to understand how this thing works.Β 

The updates of of Instagram working on spreading rate of Coronavirus. Working

Firstly, the working of is straightforward. This will keep track of people who have been infected by an infectious candidate. In addition to this, the much higher the number one is, the faster is the spreading of COVID-19.Β  Moreover, the more the number is, the quicker will be community spreading in a population. As we already so how currently New York has the highest number. Now, New York has a rate number of 1.54, which is not looking forward to decreasing.Β 

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