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Interviewer Angela Yee Breaks Her Silence And Comes In Support Of August Alsina !

Angela Yee
Source: Variety

Angela Yee Comes In Support Of August Alsina

August Alsina: Angela Yee has become very famous ever since the August-Jada controversy started. It was in her talk show that August confessed and spoke up about the relationship he had with Jada. Many have criticized him for his confession, but Angela extended her support to August. She said, β€œ I feel like there’s so much more he could’ve said, and the details are still kept private. The fact is, they were in an entanglement – or whatever you wanna call it – and it is what it is. Will knew about it. It wasn’t a secret.”

Angela Yee
Source: Variety

Angela Yee Defends August Alsina For Confessing about His Relationship

Angela Yee also defended August for coming out about his relationship. She said August had suffered a lot and the confession was his way of healing himself. Angela said that if he feels better with confessing, then there is no wrong in what he did. She felt that August was not trying to sabotage Jada’s marriage. He was just trying to ut everything out in the open.

Angel Yee
Source: Kiss95.1.com

Angela Yee Talks About Will And Jada’s Red Table Talk Episode

Angela did not bash the Smiths in any way and was rather surprised with the episode of Red Table Talk. She said, β€œRed Table Talk is known for telling the truth about things. So, if this is part of your truth, then you should tell it. It was the best-rated show they ever had on Facebook Watch! The biggest episode they ever had!”

Jada Pinkett & August Alsina
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Angela Yee Feels August Was Respectful During His Entire Confession

There was a section on the internet that was wondering why August would confess after so many years. Many people thought it was a way to market his new song. However, Angela feels August said out of his heart without bashing out abuses at Jada and Will. Angela felt Alsina was not at all respectful to Jada during his interview. He did hurl abuses and expressed his genuine love for Jada. She said, β€œHe was just like, β€˜I was in love. I had deep feelings.’ She probably didn’t have a choice.”

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