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iPad And iPhone Users Should Be Able To Download iOS 13.5 Software Now And Fix The Annoying Moving And Bouncing Faces !

iPhone and iPad FaceTime

iPhone And iPad In Coronavirus Era

iPad And iPhone: Hope is the only thing that has kept people sane at this point with the Coronavirus pandemic caging all of us inside the four walls of our house. Lockdown and Quarantine have caged us like animals in a zoo. People have to maintain social distancing and connecting with others has become harder at this point. The only relief for people is that they can video call their close ones and check up on them during these difficult times. Seeing faces on your iPhone and iPad has become the new normal in this Coronavirus era.

iPhone and iPad FaceTime

FaceTime With iPhone And iPad

FaceTime is the call feature of Apple iPhones and iPads. Most of the people in the US have Apple products in their house. FaceTime can be done between two people who have an iPhone or iPad with them. It is very popular among Apple users for its video quality. Its prominence has increased ever since the pandemic and people are hooked onto it for reaching out to their closed ones.

Problems With FaceTime In iPhone And iPad

The pandemic has drawn attention to the video calling apps and services. Corporate offices and Schools are using a digital medium to hold meetings and classes. This sudden spike in attention has made the problems of the app visible. Recently, the Government of India issued a circular asking people to use Zoom App safely as it may risk your privacy and security. Almost all schools and colleges used the app. iPhone and iPad users are finding problems with their FaceTime App. Apple users have expressed their irritation about the moving faces during Group FaceTime and find it to be annoying.

iPhone and iPad FaceTIme

How To Fix FaceTime Problems In IPhone And IPad

Apple was quick to agree and gave a solution to this problem. Users can fix this problem by downloading the latest software of Apple called iOS 13.5. Once you download this software, go to the settings of the device. Go to the option of FaceTime in your device’s settings. Tap on Β β€˜Automatic Prominence’.Β  You will find a toggle beside Speaking which you have to turn on to fix the problem.

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