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iPhone 12: Apple Facing Power Chips Shortage? Will It Downgrade The iPhone 12?

It is very important news for the people buying the iPhone 12. Apple recently claimed that it will be missing an important chip that is important for the storage, managing power and more in the iPhones. Will it affect the way people look at the iPhones today? It is a big question not just for you but everyone all around the world. Not much about the chip was known earlier but soon after thousands of people ordered it, big news came up from Apple itself. Claiming that the new iPhone 12 will be missing an important chip. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Shortage Of The Chips

Apple claimed that it is grappling with a shortage of vital chips that manage power consumption in iPhones and other devices. And yes you are right, the company is missing the chips even for the current iPhone 12. However, a lot of researches have claimed that a replacement chip with similar capability must be placed to get better performance.


It is still unclear that up to what extent the Apple company is incurring the shortage of the chip. But in its recent data, it released that they have a limited amount of chips. That makes us believe that they might be facing trouble getting enough for the iPhone 12. If it is that, it will be bad news for not just the iPhone 12 user but all the iPhone users. However, rumours are that the company might arrange the chips since it can never lower the quality of parts used in the phone.


Understanding how it all started. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the extreme use of silicon this year. The shortage in silicon and other metals have been noticed. And that is leading to a shortage of chips and many other mechanical devices this year. The chipmakers that develop the chips of iPhones are Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. And the company has claimed that due to the extreme use of 5G also, the companies are facing trouble.

Will Apple Use A Replacement?

According to the reports, 5G requires 40% more chip content than 4G. And in 2020, all together lakhs of people have switched to 5G. And that makes it relatively harder to get enough chips this year. Especially for the brand new iPhone 13 series. Also, news phones have stocked up this year mainly including the Huawei phone. Which was also one of the most bought phones this year. All telephone acquire the chips and due to the extreme demand. Apple has started to lack it now.

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However, the US officials say that it is not a very big problem. As an alternative chip can be made with similar content as the silicon chip. And that could help the phone and the users both. Apple every year acquire over $600 million semiconductors for the use of it in their products. And the sudden decrease in semiconductors has to lead to a big problem for the company.


However, no confirmation about what kind of chip will be used have come out yet. Since there’s no guarantee about it. The company might use a replacement or wait for the semiconductor chips from Taiwan company. But the Apple company still promises to deliver the best products to their customers with or without the chips. What do you think about it?

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