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iPhone 12 Features Surface Online ! Gets A Massive Upgrade Over iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Over the past few months, everyone has got a fair idea as to what they can expect from the upcomingΒ iPhone 12 Pro. After a massive success with the previous iPhone 11,Β AppleΒ is back in business with yet another smartphone.

However, it is yet unclear whether Apple will go ahead with the launch this year due to the pandemic. As per reports, it is being said that Tim CookΒ will be going ahead with the release of the new phone as scheduled.

Apple Announces First-Ever Virtual Conference

Every year, Apple holds its worldwide developer’s conference (WWDC)Β and with this comes the beta of the next major iOS release. And of course, for 2020, that major release is iOS 14.Β  Apple has canceled the in-person WWDC 2020 and has opted for a virtual conference for the first time.

On May 5, Apple sent out a Press Release stating that the virtual WWDC 2020 will begin on June 22. This conference usually lasts for 5 days but Apple hasn’t said anything about when the conference will end.

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iPhone 12 Pro Gets A Massive Upgrade Over iPhone 11 Pro

To make things interesting, all new features of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro have been surfaced online. And it looks like the phone has got a massive upgrade the previous iPhone 11 Pro.

The new iPhone 12 Pro will be coming in two sizes, 6.1 inch and 6.7 inches respectively which confirms the iPad Pro like the design. iPhone 12 Pro will NOTΒ have a smart connector as that was deemed removed and that feature will be coming to the future iPhones. Navy blue is the new color for the iPhone 12 Pro replacing midnight green. The matte touch frosted back will be staying to reduce fingerprints. It is being rumored that Apple could be blacking out all four lenses on back of iPhone 12 Pro.


The iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 and 6.7-inch models get the 120 Hz screen display. Although, the low end 5.4 and 6.1 inch models will be limited to 60 Hz display. All of them will be an organic LED though! One of the other mitigations they have added is the dynamic variable refresh rate switching. This will use an algorithm to switch from 60 to 120 Hz and save your battery life in the process.


It is quite clear that the battery suffers wherever a 120 Hz display is present. As a result, Apple has boosted the milliamps capacity of the battery in the 12 Pro series. As per leaks, it is supposed to have a 4400 mAH battery but nothing is clear on that one. The logic board present on this year’s Pro model will be split in two connected by a ribbon cable in the centre.

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Face ID

The Face Id module will be shrinking on this year’s iPhone due to massive face ID and schematics leak. But the Face ID will now have wider face angle abuse meaning your phone can be tilted at more extreme angles and it’ll still be able to scan your face.


The leak suggests many cameras changes coming to the 12 Pro. The 64 MP sensor that Apple was prototyping is not happening. Apple has improved the autofocus by a factor of 2 to 3 times in combination with a new lidar sensor. There’s also improved subject detection in low light. For low light photography, Apple is improving Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)Β so that you don’t get overlapping photos in night mode. Other Significant improvements are:

  • Long Exposure Segmentation
  • Slow Motion photos in the dark
  • White Balance
  • Lidar Sensor
  • Smart HDR
  • Noise Reduction in low light situations
  • Telephoto lens to get 3 times optical zoom with nightΒ  mode capability
  • Sensor shift image stabilization
  • Night Mode 2


Apple will be tweaking the microphone on 12 Pro with improved audio zoom and more precise beamforming.

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