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iPhone 12 lineup, with BRAND NEW ADVANCED Features Boosting Up The HYPE!

iPhone 12

We are starting the second half of 2020 and people are expecting a lot more major releases in the tech world. Meanwhile, after a lot of anticipation, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 lineup in the month of September, 2020. There have been a lot of speculation and rumours around the most awaited 2020 iPhones. The first thing to be noticed about this brand new iPhone, is the sizes. The sizes represent the variety of models, namely, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 12 pro max. There have been speculations about the pricing, their charging support, among other things.Β  Though not clear, 2020 will be the very first year that apple introduces 5G support in the iphone. It allows the new devices to connect to 5G network that are much faster than 4G LTE network. This is HUGE! No doubt what the hype is all about.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest predictions.

Cult of Mac

Ming-Chi Kuo is a renowned Apple analyst, with over 10 tears of experience reporting on Apple with data from the supply chain. Undoubtedly, the accuracy of this renowned analyst is historically strong, with accurate reports even years in advance. Kuo reportedly has predicted the 2020 iPhone lineup will come with new camera lenses including periscope telephoto lenses. This basically means, it can provide a hybrid zoom. Range of 10Γ— or even higher depending on the tunnel length and len’s element arrangement. It has also been informed that the lens belong to a Korean-based company and China-based company. The Korean based company named Semco and the China-based company named Sunny Optical.

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Apple’s iPhone 12, reportedly to use Semco’s ball based voice coil motor.

Source: Entrepreneur

For the 2020 iPhone 12 version, Apple is reportedly using Semco’s ball based voice coil motor. This technology is quite different than the previous version, iPhone 11. The iphoni 11 had spring-based design. The Semco’s ball based voice coil will improve the autofocus feature. This would be an icing on the cake with the company introducing periscope telephoto lenses. Finally! The new feature will be introduced in the coming 2022. In other words, speculations are hitting like fever pitch.


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