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iPhone 12 Product Review: Display, Battery, Size And More.

Finally, the wait is over, iPhone 12 has recently hit the retail stores. With many people pre-ordering the latest iPhone 12. However, there are a lot of similarities between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 series and a lot of difference as well. Many people have been asking if it’s worth buying the 12 series. And here, will be talking on the experience basis. Some people have used the iPhone 12 for a few days now. So we have gathered all the data on customer experience basis to help you understand more about the phone. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Brand New iPhone 12

The first similarity we notice between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is the familiar look. However, the two have completely different size, with the iPhone 12’s display being larger and wider. Also, the 12 series is made in a very sexy way since the width of the phone is very slim. Moreover, it has better battery health, better performance and dual cameras that are better at taking low-light shots and fast performance.



After the usage of the phone to over 48 hours, most people have claimed that the phone is worthy if you looking for everything better in your old phone. However, one thing that the fans would miss this time is the charger and the earphones. Apple has claimed that it won’t be giving chargers and earphones from the start of the 12 series. No matter how good of a reason they have for it. People are going to miss it. Also, it will be a different task for people to buy these accessories from another place.


Talking about the amazing design that the iPhone 12 has. People have claimed that the design is inspired by iPhone 4. For someone who loves old school and vintage fashion, this phone is just for you. This is an amazing mixture of the old and new design and fans are going to love it a lot. The design is very much flat edgeΒ that makes it very comfortable while using it or carrying it.


You won’t find any buttons on the phone. Just a large slim and smooth screen just like you wanted. One major difference is the colour. The iPhone 11 came up with pastel colours like purple, green, yellow, red and black. On the other side, the iPhone 12 series have all the royal colours like Navy Blue, Red, Black, etc. However, iPhone 11 has set bars high becoming the most sold phone this year. Will the 12 series be anywhere near there or not?

Features Of The iPhone 12

At 6.1-inches, it’s larger than the iPhone 6 screen size but isn’t a plus-sized phone. It is a perfect size anyone would need this year. It is neither too big nor too small. Just way you wanted so what are you waiting for? With the perfect size, thickness, colour, battery health and performance this is all you need this year.

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However, one best thing that even you would agree with is the OLED screen in the 12 series. iPhone 11 had the LCDΒ which wasn’t the best if you are looking for long term investments. The OLED screen is way better in comparison and can give you the best display for years. What do you think about it? It will always be a question if the phone is worth it or no until you use it.


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