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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11 pro – Full Comparison In Detail



iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 12 Pro

The battle between iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 pro is quite tough for Apple lovers leaving us with the question – Which one to buy? iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 pro both being great at their own place makes the decision even tougher.  

So, here we are to quickly analyze them individually as well as together and decide which one is better. 


Apple iPhone 12 – Overview 

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 11 pro

iPhone 12, along with the usual upgrades, comes with 5G, a new OLED screen, upgraded charging, and an accessory ecosystem with MagSafe. Being released on 13th October 2020, it covers all the latest updates offered by Apple.

It is available in many friendly colours including black, blue, red, white, and you can always use iPhone 12 cases for a change of look. It is lightweight – 164 g and allows wireless charging. However, its high price can be a barrier in its sale during this economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Performance & Battery life

The highlight of the iPhone 12’s performance is that it is fast, very fast. After all, its A14 Bionic Chip is built on a new 5nm process. Games run smoothly, web pages are loaded without any hassle, and its speed is impeccable while multitasking. However, iPhone 11 Pro’s speed is also quite good and one may not feel a great difference in the day to day life. 

iPhone 12 has amazing battery life. You can easily use it one whole day without worrying about charging. It offers fast charging and also supports wireless charging. Also, a special mode is created for silently turning off 5G. 


Apple iPhone 11 Pro – Overview 

iPhone 11 Pro, released on 10th September 2019, offers impeccable performance. It gives you a triple rear camera – 12MP + 12MP + 12MP with an ultra-wide lens, night mode, and better Smart HDR. It also gives you a Dual LED rear flash. 

Overall, we can say that iPhone 11 pro is one of the best camera phones right now. One of its drawbacks is that it is slightly heavier weighing approx. 188 g. It has a glass body type but you can use iPhone 11 pro protective back covers to increase its durability. It is available in conservative shades like Gold, Silver, Midnight Green, and Space Gray. 

Performance & Battery Life 

The A13 Bionic chip has made the iPhone 11 pro one of the fastest phones in the world. Its processor offers a fast CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance. It shined in almost all benchmark testing and real-world testing. Overall, it renders great performance in terms of fast and hassle-free usage. 

iPhone 11 pro has a good battery life given its small size. If used continuously, it lasts for approximately 10.5 hours. It has a battery capacity of 3046 mAh. The best part is that it offers fast charging and also supports wireless charging.     


Key Specs and General – iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 pro

iPhone 12 offers a 6.10-inch display, 12MP front camera, 12MP + 12MP dual rear camera, iOS 14 with 64GB standard storage while iPhone 11 pro offers a smaller display of 5.80 inches, iOS 13 with 64GB standard storage. 

However, its triple rear camera stands out among the two. iPhone 11 pro, even after its smaller size, is a bit heavier than iPhone 12. Moreover, iPhone 12 is available in more friendly colours.  


 Apple iPhone 12 – Pros & Cons 


  • It has an amazing daylight camera experience. 
  • It supports 4K video recording. 
  • It has a 5G enabled powerful processor.
  • It is dust & waterproof, has scratch-resistant glass, and IP68 rating. 
  • It has an Oleophobic coating to provide finger smudge resistance. 
  • It offers 15W wireless and 20W fast charging. 
  • It offers HDR 10 support with high gloss features. 



  • It does not support a Micro SD card or a 3.5 mm connector.
  • Fingerprint scanner is not available. 
  • It does not support reverse wireless charging. 
  • Its battery size is 2227 mAH.
  • It does not support 8K video recording.
  • The charging adapter is not included in the box and needs to be purchased separately. 
  • Its refresh rate is up to 60Hz.


Apple iPhone 11 pro – Pros & Cons  


  • It has a tough and waterproof design with a matte back. 
  • It has an Apple A13 Bionic processor make which is one of the fastest smartphone chips. 
  • It has excellent stereo speakers. 
  • It has a great battery life along with fast charging.
  • It offers excellent video quality and stabilization. 
  • Its iOS 13 provides a smooth user experience.


  • 3.5 mm jack is or audio adapter is not included in the box.  
  • Its ultra-wide camera does not support autofocus.
  • Telephoto cam is only 2x. 
  • It has limited NFC usage. 
  • Camera photos do not highlight the features.
  • It is heavier, weighing 188 g.



After carefully analyzing every aspect, we can say that if you are ready to invest more, iPhone 12 definitely wins the race. Considering its latest updates, buying iPhone 12 would be a smart decision.

However, given the iPhone 11 pro’s price, you can go for it as well. It all depends on your personal preference.