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iPhone SE (2020) Review: Is This Going To Be Lightweight, Cheap And Future-Proofed? Read The Article To Know!

iPhone SE Review

The New iPhone SE

This is the time for the iPhone to extend its hands towards the people who weren’t able to afford it previously. Apple has done an excellent job to create the model of this new iPhone SE, which is as lightweight as the iPhone 11.

It will lack some features, and it won’t be the top quality product of Apple so far. Yet, it is a good deal for the price it is being offered in.

Build and Exterior

iPhone SE Review

It is available for $750 in Australia and $400 in the US. The base model has 64GB, and higher memory for a more excellent price. You can upgrade it in the US from iPhone 8 for $10/m, and if you have no trade-in plans, it’s still offered at $17/m.

iPhone SE has a design and display resembling the iPhone 8 from 2017. It is, in fact, water-resistant but does not have a headphone jack at the bottom. It’s made complete with the home button and also the fingerprint scanner at the bottom.

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Features and Some Extras

iPhones are known for their camera qualities. This has no exception too, and the iPhone SE will take impressive standard pictures. One drawback is, there isn’t any portrait mode because of its build. There are issues with taking photographs of in-depth quality.

Some major drawbacks are the display and battery life. If you have used iPhones all your life, the display will appear a bit dull to you. The battery life is the major one, which will not even last a day if we are honest. The power-consuming Apple store apps drain a lot of necessary battery life. Unless you are a lazy user, the battery life will not be convenient.

The A13 Bionic chipset is the most significant change in this iPhone. Though the display and everything are somewhat like iPhone 8, the interior has been completely upgraded. This automatically boosts the speed and performance of the phone in normal run time.

What are you waiting for? Go grab the brand new Apple product before it gets out of stock.

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