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iPhone SE Is Better Value ‘Per Dollar’ Than The iPhone 11!

Apple Iphone SE
Apple Iphone SE

The primary concern for iPhone buyers now is to choose a proper phone. One may find it difficult to choose between iPhone SE and the iPhone 11. So, in this article, we are going to provide you with the answer!

iPhone SE

Some of the outstanding features of iPhone SE include its iOS v10 operating system. The phone comes up with Dual-core, 1.84 GHz processor. It runs on the Apple A9 APL0898 chipset. SE also has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage.iPhone SE Deals - Fonehouse Blog

The key specs of SE include its 1.2 MP front camera, 12 MP camera, 4.0-inch display, and 1642 mAH battery. However, the iPhone SE 2020 comes up with a price tag of Rs. 42,500.

iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 comes up with an Apple A13 Bionic and a storage capacity of 64 GB. It also includes a 12 MP+ 12 MP rear camera and a front camera of 12 MP. The phone has a 3110 mAh battery, 6.1-inch display, and a 4 GB RAM.

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Comparison Between iPhone 11 And SE

However, the comparison looks at benchmarks for both CPU and GPU, as well as battery life and storage. But, they differ in the camera specs. The SE delivers nearly double the CPU performance per dollar as the next best iPhone.Apple iPhone SE vs Apple iPhone 11 | Apple iPhone ...

The iPhone 11 costs $300 more than the iPhone SE. But, SE gives you double the gigabytes per dollar as the iPhone 11 Pro. It is almost three times as many as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The most apparent difference seen between the two phonesΒ is that theΒ iPhone 11 is larger. It has a 6.1-inch screen while the SE has a 4.7-inch display.

Which Phone To Buy?

So, considering all these features, we can conclude that the iPhone SE will be a better choice for you. It is because it includes many unique features that sometimes dominate the iPhone 11. Even the price it comes at is also affordable for most of the people.IPhone SE Vs IPhone 11 - Which Should You Buy? - License ...

We know that the iPhone 11 costs about $300 more than SE. However, it is ultimately the users choice to choose his/her phone. We have just made our conclusion basing on various specs.

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