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iPhone SE vs iPhone 12 : The Option Between Flagship And Us Not So Clear!

iPhone 12 And iPhone SE Comparison
iPhone 12 And iPhone SE Comparison

iPhone SE: About The iPhone

iPhone SEΒ is exactly the phone that people with a specific budget would want. It’s a new launch of theΒ iPhoneΒ at a low price. It’s so cheap that even a person who is hell-bound on using Android might find tempting! With some as low as 38K, don’t you think it’s the cheapest Apple product?

iPhone SE
iPhone SE

Let’s have a look at some of its main features:

  • The phone, though an iPhone, does not have a back camera quality up to the mark. It has a 12 MP back camera.
  • The internal memory, however, differs. It comes in all ranges from 64 GB to higher. The higher you go, the more will be the price.
  • It has the usual connectivity features and sensors. It looks quite impressive with a glass body and a range of three colors ( Red, Black, and White).

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iPhone 12 Features

The new launch of the iPhone 12 is on its way, and it has left a lot of users thrilled! This model is, however, costlier than the previous one and a LOT better too. Let’s have a look at the main features:

iPhone 12
iPhone 12
  • This $1,099 phone is going to seriously hurt your bank account. But damn that 5.4-inch beauty is worth every bit of it!
  • There will be different models obviously, and they can have sizes 6.7 inches with tripped cameras. The special OLED will cost more.
  • I think this is the first time that 5G supported phones will be in because that’s what is trending right now!

The Comparison And The Truth

iPhone 12 And iPhone SE Comparison
iPhone 12 And iPhone SE Comparison

iPhone SE And iPhone 12

Just because the SE model has a low-quality camera and resolution, don’t be fooled. Its interiors are either as good or even better than iPhone 8. You can interchange these two phones and not realize it until the structure strikes you. The A13 Bionic chip is one of the best to be added.

However, for the ultimate experience, the iPhone 12 will be it. You won’t even consider the SE unless your bank account is bothering you a bit too much. Overall, I think it’s a bit of a steal for the people getting the SE. It is a good phone for the price it offered in.

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