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iPhone SE Vs OnePlus 8: 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Of Them…

iPhone SE Vs OnePlus 8

Apple and OnePlus, two leading tech giants, have recently launched new smartphones in the Indian market. Apple has made a new addition to its iPhone series. The iPhone SE is all set to arrive later this week. And it looks like the iPhone SE Plus is already in the works. This article is a clash between iPhone SE Vs OnePlus 8.

Ever since its introduction, OnePlus has been a significant success, especially in Indian markets. It hasn’t compromised on its features and has managed to satisfy the customers of all ages. It looks like even OnePlus has made an addition to its series. The OnePlus 8 is the latest version which was unveiled in the Indian markets on 14th April 2020.

With the new iPhone set to arrive later this week, it looks like we do have a competition on our hands. In addition to all this, it seems that both those phones will be catering to the mid-range and premium segments. This can make the competition exciting.Β  And people will be gearing up to get their hands on either of the two.

iPhone SE Vs OnePlus 8

So to help you decide as to which phone you should, here are five reasons that can help you choose the better phone:


The iPhone SE comes with a 4.7 inch LCD IPS display with 1334*750 pixel resolution at 326 PPI. Overall quite similar to iPhone 8.

iPhone SE Vs OnePlus 8
The new Apple iPhone SE and OnePlus 8 with all its unique features.

Oneplus 8: 6.55 inches AMOLED display with 2400*1800 pixel resolution at 402 PPI.

OnePlus offers a better display experience overall. This is 1 point in favour of OnePlus


The OnePlus 8 comes with QualcommΒ  Snapdragon 865

The iPhone SE runs on the A13 Bionic Chip with a third-generation Neural Engine.

Both these processors seem to run on the latest flagship processorsβ€”nothing to differentiate them in this department, unfortunately.


Both smartphones come with three storage options, respectively.

iPhone SE(64 GB): Rs 42,500

iPhone SE(128 GB): Rs 47,800

iPhone SE(256 GB): Rs 58,300

OnePlus 8(6 GB RAM/ 128 GB Storage): Rs 41,999

OnePlus 8(8 GB RAM/ 128 GB Storage): Rs 44,999

OnePlus 8(12 GB RAM/256 GB Storage): Rs 49,999

So when it comes to pricing, OnePlus offers you better affordability than iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Vs OnePlus 8
The new and upgraded processors of iPhone SE and OnePlus 8.

OS And Updates

Both the phones run on the latest OS with fast updating cycles. But the iPhone has always been one step ahead when it comes to software support.

iPhone SE currently is working on iOS 13 and will be getting iOS 14 later this year. It is expected that it will also receive the iOS 15, iOS 16 and iOS 17 updates as and when they are available.

OnePlus8 is currently working on Android 10 and will be getting Android 11 for sure. However, things are expected to slow down drastically after that.


iPhone SE comes with the option of wireless charging.

However, OnePlus 8 does not have this option.

We hope this helped make you choose the better phone all things considered…..

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