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IPL 2020: As Chennai Beats Mumbai, Dhoni Wins 100th Match As Captain For CSK!

IPL 2020
Source: Gulf News

MS Dhoni Gives Credit To Experience For Win Against Mumbai Indians In IPL 2020

MS Dhoni and his team won the opening match of IPL 2020 against Mumbai Indians. Chennai dominated Mumbai in all aspects of the game, but Dhoni also counted on the experience for the win. Chennai has the oldest squad which has a majority of its players above the age of 30. He said:

β€œThe experience pays off, everyone talks about it. You get it only after you play a lot of games. 300 ODIs is a dream for anybody to play; and when you put an XI on the field, you need a good mix of youngsters and experienced players.”

IPL 2020
Source: Gulf News

MS Dhoni Lists The Positives And Negatives For CSK After Opening Win In IPL 2020

MS Dhoni is captain cool, and a win does not get to his head. Even after winning, he was sceptical of the team’s performance. He agreed there were many positives but also many opportunities to learn as well. He said:

β€œWe may practice enough but when you go on the field, you need to assess the conditions and give it your best. It took us time, for the bowlers to find the right length on this pitch. Plenty of positives, but still plenty of areas for us to improve.”

MS Dhoni Happy That No One Is Injured As Most Of The Players Are Retired

Dhoni realizes that his team is a bunch of experienced oldies. So even though they have more knowledge of the game, they are more prone to injuries. It is why Dhoni was relieved that no one got injured in the first game. He said:

β€œIn the second half, there is a bit of movement till the dew sets in. If you don’t lose wickets early, you have the upper hand. These are the learnings. Rayudu had a wonderful partnership with Faf. Most of us are retired, so luckily no injuries as well.”

IPL 2020
Source: Inside Sport

MS Dhoni Wins His 100th IPL Match As Captain

CSK’s win over Mumbai was Dhoni’s 100th winning game as the skipper of CSK. He is probably the most successful captain of a team in the history of IPL.

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