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IPL 2020: Can RCB Come Out Of The Shadow Of Virat And ABD To Take The Title Home?

IPL 2020
Source: The Statesman

Virat And RCB To Face Sunrisers In Their First Match Of IPL 2020

Tomorrow will mark the third day of the IPL 2020 and all the cricket lovers will finally see Virat Kohli in action. Virat’s team always looks the best in the paper, but they somehow fail to find the right combination and end up at the bottom of the table. This year, Virat and RCB will look to change history by making it to the playoffs at least and winning their maiden IPL trophy. Their first hurdle comes tomorrow when they face Sunrisers Hyderabad.

IPL 2020
Source: The Statesman

What Is The Best Thing About RCB In IPL 2020

Without a doubt, the best thing which every team will be scared of is Virat Kohli and AB DeVilliers. Virat, as usual, has been in unbelievable form while ABD will be justifying his title of Mr. 360 for his unorthodox shots. These two are the two powerhouses of the team, and RCBΒ  will heavily rely on their form. Other than these two players, RCB also has bowlers like Yuzvendra Chahal who has played phenomenally for RCB. Dale Steyn may be a big wicket take, but he is always one step away from getting injured.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Weakness

If their strength is their two stalwarts Virat and ABD, their biggest weakness is an overdependence on the two. Young players fail to take charge and win the match when both Virat and ABD get out early in the game. This lack of initiative and passion along with the overdependence has hurt RCB in the past couple of seasons. However, Virat looks very confident of filling the gaps and walking straight to IPL glory. Being a legend, not winning the IPL is like a big black spot in his career and it looks more significant as he is also the captain of the team.

IPL 2020
Source: Business Standard

Who Could Win The MatchΒ  For RCB Other Than Virat And ABD

This year, RCB has been very smart during its auction. They bid for players like Chris Morris and Aaron Finch. Aaron is a phenomenal T20 player while Morris is a dangerous all-rounder. These two could take RCB through the finish line.

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