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IPL 2020 Delhi Vs Punjab: How Delhi Outplayed Punjab In The Super Over !

Delhi-Punjab IPL 2020 Match Stretches To A Super Over

Super overs are probably the most thrilling aspect of IPL 2020. That is why people were on their toes when Delhi and Punjab went for one. Delhi managed to put up a fighting total after batting heroics from Markus Stoinus who impressed everyone in a rather unimpressive batting display from Delhi. Punjab also struggled with the bat, but Mayank Aggarwal stood from start to make 89 runs. However, in the end, wicket by that day’s star batsman Stoinus helped a losing Delhi to take the game to a super over.

IPL 2020
Source: India Today

Rabada Marches Over Punjab Batsman In Super Over Of IPL 2020

Punjab did not even get the chance to bat the full six balls in the super over as they were crushed by Rabada. As a rule, goes, a team is all out after the fall of two wickets in super over. KL Rahul took the crease along with Pooran. Rahul ran for two wickets in the first ball but soon gave away his wicket in the next one. In came Maxwell but Pooran was on strike. Rabada knocked off the bails, and Pooran and Punjab went packing with just two runs.

Shreyas Iyer And Rishabh Pant Take Delhi To Easy Super Over Victory

The batsmen who stabilized the Delhi inning- Iyer and Pant decided to bat in the super over. The game would have been thrilling, but Shami was not as precise as Rabada in the super over. He gave a runaway due to a wide ball. In the next ball itself, Pant did not go for any heroics and ran with Iyer for two runs to win the match.

IPL 2020
Source: News 18

Markus Stoinus Stars With Bat And Ball

Markus Stoinus was the showstopper who not only surprised with the bat but also delivered with the ball. His two wickets in the last over proved to be the reason for super over. Moreover, his fearless batting came as a big positive for Delhi, who now knows that Stoinus has the potential to be a finisher for their team.


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