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IPL 2020: Dhoni Defends Himself For Going Late At No. 7 After Loss Against Rajasthan In IPL 2020!

IPL 2020
Source: NDTV

MS Dhoni Surprises Everyone Yet Again With Going At No. 7

Dhoni got raised few questions yesterday when he decided to let other batsmen go ahead of him against Rajasthan in IPL 2020. When Chennai lost a few wickets, everyone thought Dhoni would come in to stabilize the inning and then wake up the finisher in him. However, he decided to promote Jadhav and Sam Curran ahead of him. The last time he did it against Mumbai, it was a success as the total was not as big as this one. Dhoni eventually came at number seven. However, it was probably too late then as Chennai lost the match.

IPL 2020
Source: NDTV

Dhoni Gives The Reason Behind Going At Number 7 In Second IPL 2020 Match

Dhoni knew questions would get asked for sending other players ahead of him and he indeed did have an answer for it. He has not played professional cricket for more than a year and decided to let others take charge. He said:

β€œI haven’t batted for a long time. 14-day quarantine doesn’t help (why he isn’t batting higher). Also wanted to try different things, give opportunities to Sam. Have the opportunity to try different things. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to your strengths. Faf adapted very well. Something the batsmen will do, neglect square leg, and go more towards long-on and long-off.”

Dhoni Feels The Start To CSK Batting Was Not Enough To Win Second IPL 2020 Match

Watson and Murali Vijay tried their best not to give a good start and score 56 from 6.3 overs. However, Dhoni feels it was not enough for a 200+ total. He said:

β€œWith 217 on the board, we needed a very good start which was not the case. Steve and Samson batted very well. Need to give credit to their bowlers.”

IPL 2020
Source: Business Standard

Dhoni Feels RR Bowlers Bowled The Right Line And Length To Take The Match Away

Dhoni highlighted that RR bowlers bowled the right length, which was not the case with his bowlers. He said:

β€œOnce you’ve seen the first innings, you know the length to bowl. Their spinners did well to bowl away from the batsman. Our spinners made the error to bowl too full. If we would’ve maybe restricted them to 200, it would’ve been a good game.”


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