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IPL 2020: Gambhir Slams Dhoni For Going At Number 7 After Loss To Rajasthan In IPL 2020!

IPL 2020
Source: NDTV

Gautam Gambhir Slams Dhoni For Coming AtΒ  Number 7 In Second IPL 2020 Match Against Rajasthan

IPL 2020: Gambhir Slams Dhoni For Going At Number 7 After Loss To Rajasthan In IPL 2020!: Gautam Gambhir never walks away from pointing out the mistake even if that means the person is MS Dhoni. He criticized Dhoni for promoting players like Curran before him which Gambhir feels makes no sense. He said:

β€œI was a bit surprised, to be honest. MS Dhoni batting at No. 7? And sending Gaikwad before him, Sam Curran before him. Makes no sense to me. In fact, you should be leading from the front. And this is not what you call leading from the front. Batting at number seven when you’re chasing what 217? The game was over.”

Source: NDTV

Gautam Gambhir Feels Dhoni Should Come Early With No Raina In The Team

CSK are under added pressure with Raina not joining the team this season. Gambhir feels it becomes all the more necessary for Dhoni to promote himself with the exit of Raina. He said:

β€œSee, if someone else would have done this, some other captain had batted number seven, he would have got a lot of flak. It is MS Dhoni – probably why people don’t talk about it. When you don’t have Suresh Raina, you’re making people believe that Sam Curran is better than you. You’re making people believe that Ruturaj Gaikwad, Curran, Kedar Jadhav, Faf du Plessis, M Vijay, all these guys, are better than you.”

Gambhir Feels Dhoni Should Have Come Early Even If That Means Getting Out Early

Gambhir feels Dhoni could have led from the front by coming before even if he got out first in the game. It would have set an example for his teammates as well. Gambhir said:

β€œThere is nothing wrong if you end up getting out early, at least start leading from the front, trying to inspire the team as well. What you did in the last over, probably if you’d done that coming in at No. 4 or 5, alongside Faf, you could have made a game out of it. But probably there was no such intent to make a game out of it.”

IPL 2020
Source: NDTV

Chennai To Face Delhi In The Next Match Of IPL 2020

Chennai will next face Delhi on the 25th of this month and will look to turn the tide and win back the momentum. Moreover, Delhi will be coming after a win and will look to build on it.

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