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IPL 2020: Is Virat Kohli In Going Through The Worst Form In Years?

Virat Kohli
Source: The Indian Express

Was It The Worst Fielding Ever From Virat Kohli In IPL 2020?

How often do you see the best fielder in Indian cricket and probably the world missing a catch? Virat Kohli, the captain of RCB, was perhaps the only reason why RCB lost the match against Punjab. As a person who likes responsibility, he took the loss upon himself. However, he missed not one, but two catches of KL Rahul who eventually went on to make 132. If Virat had managed to take just one of the two missed chances, maybe the Punjab batting would have collapsed like SRH.

Source: The Indian Express

Is Virat Kohli Going Through The Worst Form In Years?

It has been years since Virat has been in poor form. The worst phase of his career was probably the England series in the early few years of the last decade. That was when Virat was struggling. Otherwise, he has always ruled over the bowlers. However, in the past two matches, he was working. Maybe the coronavirus pandemic has made him rusty as his score of 15, and 1 reflect concern for RCB. If this goes on, RCB may retain the tag of chokers as they are yet to win an IPL title.

Virat Kohli To Clash With Rohit Sharma IPL 2020

For a very long time, there have been speculations that all is not well between the two best batsmen of India- Virat, and Rohit. While things seemed to die down, there came a recent incident that resurfaced their past fight. Rohit Sharma tweeted about Rahul’s hundred just when Virat Kohli got out for one against Punjab. Many believe Rohit was intentionally trying to taunt Kohli given the timing of his tweet. Virat’s RCB will take on Rohit’s MI as both teams have lost and won one game each.

Virat Kohli
Source: The Economic Times

Virat Kohli Looking To Break His IPL 2020 Slump

Virat is the most successful batsman of IPL and is the highest run-scorer in IPL history. However, this season as of now is pointing in the opposite direction. Virat will do everything in his hand to take a U-turn and score big in his next match.

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