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IPL 2020 MI Vs RCB: Head To Head, Win Predictor And Much More!

IPL 2020
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Mumbai And Bangalore Play It Out Today In IPL 2020

Mumbai and Bangalore will come out to play against each other in IPL 2020 today. The battle will be between the most successful and the least successful team of IPL. RCB looked in great shape before their humiliating loss to Punjab where the batting lineup got crushed by Punjab bowling. On the other hand, MI looks in great form after coming from a win with their key players like Rohit and Pollard looking in excellent condition. RCB will look to forget their past loss and start from scratch.

IPL 2020
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IPL 2020 MI Vs RCB: Head To Head

As far the head to head is concerned, the tag of best team and worst team look very apt. In the history of IPL, MI, and RCB have met 27 times, and there is no doubt that MI has dominated RCB. Out of the 27 encounters, MI has won 18 times in the past, which clearly shows their dominance on the RCB. The rest nine matches won by RCB. It implies that MI will be the favourites to win the game.

MI Vs RCB: Last 5 Matches

The last five matches show more worry for RCB than the overall 27 games. The past two seasons have been the worst for RCB with the team coming last in 2019 and MI winning the 2019 season. The same is reflected in the last five matches played between the two teams. In the past five games, RCB has won only one game, and MI secured the rest four. Moreover, in the past season, MI won both the home and away game against RCB. It means RCB will have to pull up their socks and up their game to win the match.

IPL 2020
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It’s Virat Vs Rohit Today In IPL 2020

The game will also see Virat and Rohit go against each other. The two are one of the most successful batsmen of IPL with Virat ahead of Rohit at the moment. Moreover, there are rumours of a cold war between the two, and today’s match will be an excellent way to add fuel to this war.

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