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IPL 2020 RR Vs RCB: ABD Magic Thrashes KKR In All Departments!

IPL 2020
Source: India TV

Virat Calls ABD A Superhuman After Win Against KKR In IPL 2020

IPL 2020 RR Vs RCB: ABD Magic Thrashes KKR In All Departments!: RCB opened up the batting against KKR in IPL 2020 for yesterday’s match. RCB was struggling in the middle with the fall of wickets. The pitch was a tough one and batsmen were struggling to beat. Everyone thought a score of 160 would be a dependable one. However, ABD came in and proved everyone wrong. With support from Virat, he took RCB to a score of 190+.

Virat was all praise for ABD and called him a superhuman. He said, β€œBarring one superhuman, every batsman struggled on the pitch. The talk was around getting 165, but we got 195 you know exactly why. It was unbelievable. I thought I had a few balls under my belt, and I might start striking. He just came in and struck the third ball, and said he felt good.”

IPL 2020
Source: India TV

Happy For The Partnership With ABD, Says Virat After IPL 2020 Match Against KKR

Virat was happy with how the team played and especially with ABD. He said, β€œI said you might see a lot of people do what is done in other games, but only AB can do what he did. It was a fabulous knock. We were looking at 160-165, and it was only thanks to his genius that we got to 195. I was happy we could string together a partnership, and mine was the best seat to watch from.”

KKR Skipper Dinesh Karthik Is Also All Praise For ABD After Loss Against RCB

Dinesh Karthik was also in awe of what ABD did in the middle against his team. He said, β€œA.B. de Villiers showed why he is an outstanding player. Time and time again to come out there and score 80 runs of the (last) five overs is not an easy one, but I think he made it look much easier than what it was.”

IPL 2020
Source: Cricket Times

Chasing Would Not Have Been Easy, Admits Karthik After IPL 2020 Loss

Dinesh Karthik admitted it was difficult to chase in that kind of a wicket. He said, β€œIf they had scored 60 runs, and you know the 20 runs could have been made a bit different between 175 and 195. Always chasing 195, on a slightly slower wicket may not be that easy.”

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