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IPL 2020 RR Vs RCB: Battle Of Royals Is On The Way!

IPL 2020
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Rajasthan Take On Bangalore In Royals Battle Of IPL 2020

The two Royals- Rajasthan and Bangalore are finally coming together for an IPL 2020 match. It will be an exciting one as both teams are finding their ground in this season. Both RR and RCB have performed inconsistently throughout the history of IPL and but RR won the inaugural IPL in 2008. Rajasthan has looked good in this season barring their last match that saw a terrible batting performance. RCB, on the other hand, has been mediocre with bat and ball even though they have won two games out of three.

IPL 2020
Source: IPLT20

IPL 2020 RR Vs RCB: Head To Head

Rajasthan and RCB have played each other 21 times in the course of 12 IPL seasons. It is interesting to note that out of the 21 times; three have not yielded any result due to adverse conditions. Barring three, 18 matches were played that got results. Out of these 18 matches, the RR has asserted a slight dominance with ten wins while RCB is not very far behind with eight wins. They will try to reduce this gap as they meet today.

IPL 2020 RR Vs RCB: Last Two Seasons

The last season was particularly disappointing for RR and RCB as RCB was placed last and RR was ranked second last in the points table. A season before that was right for RR as they qualified for the playoffs and RCB again had a bad run. However, in the past two seasons, RR has dominated. Out of the four matches played between the two teams, one game did not yield any result, but the rest three won by RR. RCB will look to hit back at this dominance by winning the match when they take on RR today.

IPL 2020
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Who Will Win The Match

It is probably a match that has no favourite. RCB will hope for Virat to click as he has had a dry spell till now. On the other hand, RR will look to learn from their previous loss and bounce back as a more robust and better team.

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