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IPL 2020 RR Vs SRH: Tewatia And Riyan Save The Day For RR Against SRH!

IPL 2020
Source: ESPN

Steve Smith Praises Rahul And Riyan On Win Against SRH In IPL 2020

Steve Smith and his team finally won a game in IPL 2020 after four consecutive losses. Even though the top order failed yet again, it was Rahul Tewatia and Riyan who saved the match for RR against SRH. Steve Smith was happy with the depth in their batting. He said, β€œI thought Rahul and Riyan as a young kid showed great composure.Β  I don’t think it was the easiest wicket and the square boundaries are quite big too. So great composure from Parag. Proud that he could come back in and score some runs straight up.”

IPL 2020
Source: ESPN

Steve Smith Is Happy Stokes Is Back With RR For IPL 2020

Due to some personal reasons, Ben Stokes did not join the team for half the IPL season. He is the most valuable player for the couple who delivers with bat and ball and is also an excellent fielder. Even though he could not find his A-game in the match, his presence is itself enough to lift the morale of the team. Steve Smith said, β€œWith Stokesy back it brings a nice balance to us. He’s been impressive, hasn’t he? Just thrives in pressure situations. You bring in his bowling and fielding to it, and he’s a terrific player for us.”

David Warner Takes Out The Positives In Loss Against RR In IPL 2020

David Warner’s team may have lost, but he was still happy with the positives that he could take from the team’s performance. He feels the bowlers did well but bowled the wrong ball at the wrong time. He said, β€œBut lots of positives coming out and we’ll take it on to the next game. We need to work out as these wickets get tired, how to bat through the first six and the middle, and then assess with our bowling.”

IPL 2020
Source: Hindustan Times

David Warner Is All Praise For Rahul And Riyan

David Warner was all praise for Rahul and Riyan who took the match away from them. He said, β€œWe’ve done it in the past, we’ve held him back and try and nullify some runs, but these two (Tewatia and Parag) played exceptionally well.”

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