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IPL 2020: Virat Kohli And RCB Aim For Their Maiden Trophy But Gautam Gambhir Knows The Problem!

Gautam Gambhir Virat Kohli
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RCB Look To Turn Their Fate In IPL 2020

Royal Challengers Bangalore or RCB are always the favorites to win the IPL. However, they are like the South Africa of World Cricket. They have the best batting side but choke when it comes to delivering on-demand. RCB has a world-class batting squad with the likes of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. However, they rely too much on these star powers and fail to deliver when it comes to bowling. It is also the reason why they haven’t lifted the trophy yet and were placed last in 2019.

Gautam Gambhir Virat Kohli
Source: Scroll

Gautam Gambhir Highlights The Problem Of Virat Kohli And RCB

Gautam Gambhir is an ex-IPL player who has led his team Kolkata Knight Riders to two IPL trophies. He understands the mindset of a captain and the crew and pointed out what is going wrong for RCB. He said:

β€œWhat Virat Kohli has said when you are happy with your squad as a captain, you would have already planned which playing XI you want to play. If you are satisfied, then the calmness also comes along. Because there are times that you do not come to know your best XI in the entire tournament, and that is why you make a lot of changes.”

Gautam Gambhir Wants Virat Kohli And RCB To Persist With On Squad

Gautam Gambhir expects Virat to stay calm and continue with one squad even if it means losing the initial one or two matches. It is to get a sense of whether his starting eleven has a balance or not. Gambhir said:

β€œSo I would want to see from RCB that even if the start is not good, they should persist with their playing XI and give them 6-7 matches. Because then only the players will give you performances and not if you give one or two matches.”

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IPL 2020 Shifted To Dubai Due To Coronavirus

IPL is undoubtedly the best non-international cricket tournament that people around the world look forward to. However, this year’s IPL will take place in Dubai and will start on 19 September with Chennai Super Kings taking on Mumbai Indians.


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