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IPL 2020: Who Made The Game For RCB And Broke It For SRH?

IPL 2020
Source: NDTV

Batsman Who Shined For RCB In Their First IPL 2020 Win

RCB won their first match against SRH by ten runs as they made it clear that they have come to pull down their tag of chokers. However, the team might not have won if not for an impressive debut from Padikkal who hit his first IPL half-century in the very first match. It gave RCB a promising opener, and they will look to capitalize on that. Moreover, ABD was his usual self who made a quick half-century to take RCB to a defendable total.

Source: NDTV

Who Took Charge Of The Ball For RCB

RCB were in deep trouble when Bairstow and Manish Pandey started to settle. Virat gave the ball to his trusted spinner Chahal who miraculously took the wicket of Bairstow and two more to ensure that no one in SRH has the time to settle. Moreover, young bowlers like S Dube and Saini also gave significant breakthroughs to keep the SRH out of momentum. Moreover, the two made sure that the wicket regularly falls after the breakthrough from Chahal. By the end of the match, the two ended up with two wickets each.

Bairstow’s Efforts Are Not Enough To Give SRH Its First Win

Johnny Bairstow was on a roll as he was utterly dominating RCB. His time in the crease meant a loss for RCB. However, his attempt to hit a six in Chahal’s over led to his dismissal. The irony of the situation is that the one who scored the most also became the cause of loss as Bairstow’s wicket was a trigger that led to the collapse of the SRH squad. He might feel guilty, but he cannot take responsibility for the reckless shots of his teammates.

IPL 2020
Source: The Pigeon Express

No Bowler From SRH Shines In Their First IPL 2020 Match

The bowling unit somehow managed to keep the RCB batting in control. However, no one in the bowling unit looked hungry for wickets, and the spark was somewhat missing. Yet, SRH has many things to learn from their opening game.

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