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Is A Second Stimulus Check Necessary? Americans Say Yes But Larry Kudlow Feels NO !

Larry Kudlow
Source: WSJ

Status Of Second Stimulus Check

Is A Second Stimulus Check Necessary? Americans Say Yes But Larry Kudlow Feels NO!: The US citizens were hopeful for a second stimulus check when discussions began in May. However, now it is September, and the discussions have led to nowhere. After the first stimulus checks came out in March, coronavirus cases just went upward and are still going in the same direction.

With the elections nearing in, the hopes for a second stimulus is fading with each day. The Trump administration is desperately trying to get through with it but is unable to pass it. It will be a miracle if the stimulus package manages to come through anytime soon.

Larry Kudlow
Source: WSJ

Why Is The Second Stimulus Check A Fading Dream For Americans

For the stimulus check to come through, the bill for the stimulus must pass through both the houses. However, the problem is that the Senate is a Republican-dominated house while the House of Representatives if powered by th Democrats. So the two parties are not able to reach a consensus regarding this.

Both parties are having constant dialogues and discussions to find a middle ground, but even that has no generated any positive news until now. Both sides are pitching only to be rejected by the other party.

Larry Kudlow Feels America Doesn’t Need A Second Stimulus Check.

Larry Kudlow, White House economic adviser, has some rather strange comments which Americans will not be happy to hear. As per Kudlow, a second stimulus package might not be even necessary contrary to what the people think. While people are expecting the negotiations to fall into place, Larry is already suggesting that people can live without one. He said:

β€œLook, we can live without it. We can absolutely live without it.”

It might be a subtle way to indicate that a second stimulus check might not happen shortly.

Stimulus Check
Source: Forbes

Why Is A Second StimulusΒ  Check Not Necessary As Per Larry Kudlow

Larry feels that the economy is slowly starting to restart and recover. With this, people might not need another check from the government. He said:

β€œDo we absolutely need it? No. I’m not going to precondition anything here. Right now the economy is on a self-sustaining recovery path in my judgment and will continue along those lines, and will continue to surprise on the upside.”


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