Asteroid 2020RN1 To Nearly Cross Earth’s Atmosphere. Is It Hazardous To Life? Check it out now!
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Is Asteroid 2020RN1 That’s To Cross Earth’s Atmosphere Hazardous To Life? See What NASA Has To Say!

Is Asteroid 2020RN1 That’s To Cross Earth’s Atmosphere Hazardous To Life? See What NASA Has To Say!:  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently tracked an asteroid travelling towards Earth with pretty good speed. Here is everything you need to know about it .

Everything NASA Has Said

NASA tracks all the asteroids that may enter the solar system, is close to the solar system or is about to enter the solar system for several hundred years.  NASA tracks the asteroids are potentially dangerous to human life and Hazardous to Earth.


It tracks the asteroids and their distance from Earth. The space agency also shares essential information related to the intensity of the asteroid, the size of the asteroid and speed by which it’s travelling.


The space agency recently shares essential information regarding the asteroid 2020RN1. According to the reports and NASA’s research, A relatively large asteroid is travelling with a pretty good speed approaching towards the Earth. However, now the question arises is the asteroid hazardous to human life?

Size Of The Asteroid-

According to the research, the size of the asteroid is nearly 99 feet. However, supposedly the size of a medium aeroplane. This asteroid is a Near-Earth Object (NEO) by NASA and has gotten classified in the Apollo class of asteroids.

Is It Hazardous To Human Life?

NASA’s research claims that the asteroid is only 0.0103 astronomical units away from Earth. One of the closest it has ever been. However, it doesn’t seem close enough to be hazardous to our lives. But it is pretty close.

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In addition to that, sources say that they fly and cross Earth on 17th September UT and 18 September IST. However, claims suggest not to affect any human life. But it is still considered to be pretty risky. What do you think about it?


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