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Is China planning to wipe up the whole world? MIS-C Another Deadly Virus Syndrome In Children

COVID-19 danger

China: Another deadly virus had made it into the list. We haven’t recovered from COVID pandemic situation, and now another is targeting the children.

MIS-C the new virus

MIS-C, which is a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children that is targeting the children around the world.

The virus had again originated from China. The virus has found its way into India, though not many cases have raised yet.

The target of the virus is mainly children under 20 years and has almost accounted for 1.22% of COVID-19 deaths.

According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the containing the death rate was reported on August 22.

COVID victory not enough

Even though the children have recovered from the coronavirus, after two or more weeks, the symptom of the new virus is being noticed.

A new virus found

The health department official has stated that “Since the Covid-19 outbreak, such cases are being reported in children around the world. In India, similar cases were reported from places like Mumbai and Chennai. Kerala had to deal with only a minuscule number of cases so far,”

Even though the death rate hasn’t been revealed, it is believed that the children may recover after proper medical care.

Affected after recovery from COVID

The officer continued, “However, in some cases, their health may worsen to the point where their lives are at risk.”Β 

China: As far what we know about the virus

After a mild COVID infection, the symptoms of the virus are being noticed in the kids, causing inflammation in the body.


Neonatologist Alvaro Moreira from the University of Texas Health Science Centre at San Antonio had stated that “Children did not need to exhibit the classic upper respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 to develop MIS-C, which is frightening,”

Continuing, he said, “Children might have no symptoms, no one knew they had the disease, and a few weeks later, they may develop this exaggerated inflammation in the body.”


Though there can be other symptoms that can also be spotted, they are common to the Kawasaki disease, that affects kids, with inflammation of the arteries (vasculitis), cardiovascular shock and multiple-organ failure.

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