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Is Chris Christie On Ventilator? Matt, A Journalist, Denied The Rumours!

Is Chris Christie On Ventilator? Matt, A Journalist, Denied The Rumours!
Source: USA Today

Is Chris Christie On Ventilator? Matt, A Journalist, Denied The Rumours!: What happened to Chris Christie? Since he went into the hospital after contracting COVID-19, not much about him is heard. People can’t stop speculating about the former New Jersey Governor’s health.

Matt Katz, A Journalist, Has Claimed That The Rumours Are Baseless

The claims have said that he was in ICU. Chris was also put on ventilator reportedly. However, the journalist Matt Katz has confirmed that the rumours aren’t real.

Matt has also written a book on Chris Christie in the past. His October 7 tweet read @GovChristie is NOT on a ventilator. It is false info spreading on twitter. I’ve spoken to multiple people who’ve been on the phone with the governor daily after he was admitted to Morristown Medical Center for testing Covid+. They say he’s in good spirits & getting good care.”

Chris Christie Was Hospitalized On October 3 After Contracting COVID-19 Virus

Chris was admitted into Morristown Medical Center on Saturday, October 3. It was reported that he had asthma. The reports further said that his weight and age makes the former NJ health governor more vulnerable to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

On the same day, he Christie announced that he was in good condition and only had mild symptoms. However, his history of asthma shouldn’t be ignored. Thus, he has decided to remain in the hospital.

Christie, 58, has also been suffering from obesity for a long time. People and sources close to the government have said that the former governor is in good condition. He has been talking and texting on his phone regularly. There is nothing to be worried about.

Jacqueline Thompson & Many Online Sites Have Claimed That The Former Health Governor Is In ICU

Despite these reports, many online sites have claimed that Christie is not in good health. All this news has just been created to keep him away from the public and media eyes.

Jacqueline Thompson, a wedding and event planner, recently tweeted that Chris was in ICU and might be on a ventilator.

Thompson said that she got this piece of information from many of her sources.

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