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Is Chris Pratt The Worst Hollywood Chris? What Do The Avengers Think?

Is Chris Pratt The Worst Hollywood Chris? What Do The Avengers Think?
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We all know that the Avengers stay together in hard times. They all have each other’s back, whether it is on-screen or off-screen. Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, James Gunn and Robert Downey Jr. have come together to support their co-star Chris Pratt who is being trolled on social media.

Why Was Pratt Polled As The Least Favourite Chris Of All?

Star-Lord in the β€˜Guardians of The Galaxy’ has recently been dubbed as the “worst Hollywood Chris” by the Twitter users in a poll. So, this poll consisted of Chris Hemsworth from Thor, Chris Evans from Captain America and Chris Pine from Wonder Woman. Chris Pratt was also among one of these contenders.

Chris Patt got the least vote of all. Reports claim that the reason that Patt got the least vote is that he is inclined towards the Republican. Another reason could be him supporting a church having anti-LGBTQ views.

Let Us See How They Supported Chris Pratt

Robert Downey Jr. extended his support by writing a lengthy Instagram post. Using a lot of hashtags, he called Chris Patt β€œA real #Christian who lives by #principle”.

James Gunn retaliated to the trolls and said that Chris himself has openly stated the church he attends doesn’t reflect all of his personal views. He reminded that Chris is a β€˜man who believes that everyone is entitled to love who they want.’ He also mentioned that Chris is a good man and is also too kind to everyone on the sets.

Zoe, who worked with Pratt and played Gamora in the famous Marvel movie, also supported him. She told Pratt that his family, friends, colleagues & everyone who has ever come across him knows about his heart and worth.

Mark Ruffalo called this controversy a distraction. He added that he knows Chris personally and called him a “solid man”.

Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger questioned the haters if this is what the world needs right now. She has also requested everyone to stop being mean and spread love.

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