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Is Conway Kellyanne Resign From the Post of Senior White House? To Know Reason, Check Here

Conway Kellyanne resigns?
Conway Kellyanne resigns?

Conway Kellyanne Resign from the post of senior White House: The report of Kellyanne Conway’s resigning from the post of senior White House advisor has admittedly hit the internet vastly; hence people are curious to know why did she take such a precarious action. Despite being surrounded by family issues and crisis, Kellyanne Conway made her way to the white house and have resigned from the current position she was at.

The relation between Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, has never been good. Therefore, George Conway has scrapped a silent fight with him. Moreover, no family members of Kellyanne Conway supports Donald Trump and are tweeting Anti-trump comments over social media platforms.

Let us take an in-depth look at why did Kellyanne Conway resign and how does her body language portraits the whole scenario.

Who is Kellyanne Conway? and her association with White House

Conway Kellyanne Resign from the post of senior White House
Conway Kellyanne Resign from the post of senior White House

Kellyanne Conway is an American political consultant, survey conductor, and a pundit, i.e. ( a person who offers to mass media their opinion on a particular subject area). She is an ex counselor of President Donald Trump in the administration of the U.S.

Earlier Kellyannes appointed as a manager for Trump’s presidential campaign in the year 2016. Besides, the only female manager to conduct a successful U.S presidential campaign has been her. Being a counselor, Kellyannes dragg into various controversies with the U.S president and others. One such recent argument covers her daughter, who claims to be a victim of child abuse. And blames Kellyanne Conway for the same.

Is Kellyanne Conway satisfy with her decision?

Kellyanne Conway resigns?
Kellyanne Conway resigns?

Conway Kellyanne seems to be apprehensive and unsatisfied with the decision made by her. As per the effort and initiative took by Mark Bowden, human behavior and body language expert researched and observed Kellyanne Conway while she was presenting a speech at RNC.

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He states that “she is an expert presenter who has administered more extreme load so; therefore, there’s “minimal leaking of any underlying intentions, thoughts, and feelings through body language.”Being an experienced body language expert, he was able to give some meaningful observation.

According to him, she was not so confident; however, she had a sense of relaxation and was not that bold and energetic as she used to be at the white house. This is all about Kellyanne Conway and her body language observation. If anything new occurs, we will keep you updated, till then stay tuned and safe.

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