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Is Ellen DeGeneres Socially Awkward? ‘Compassionate’ Rosie O’Donnell Feels So !

Rosie and Ellen
Source: Daily Mail

Ellen DeGeneres Gets The Compassion From Rosie O’Donnell

In the last few months, a lot has changed for Ellen DeGeneres. Her hit shows The Ellen DeGeneres Show hit rock bottom when the ex and present employees complained of a toxic work environment in her show. Many of them even complained of a racist and sexist environment in the show. Even as Ellen received hate from the internet, she has found a new supporter in Rosie O’Donnell. She recently revealed that she had compassion for what Ellen is going through. She said, “You can’t fake your essence. That’s why I have compassion for Ellen, right?”

Rosie O’Donnell Feels Ellen DeGeneres Has Some Social Awkwardness

Ellen DeGeneres is a woman who has seen a lot in her life. During her teenage, she faced sexual harassment from her father which she remembers to this day. Moreover, she received a lot of hate when she came out as a lesbian in the 1990s. It even led to the cancelation of her TV series at that time. However, things turned for her through The Ellen DeGeneres Show which is running since 2003. Rosie feels that Ellen might have some social awkwardness which makes her behave in a certain way. She said, “I have compassion, even though, you know, I hear the stories and I understand. I think she has some social awkwardness.”

Ellen DeGeneres Fires Three Producers Amid Toxic Workplace Allegations

After the complaint from employees, distributor Warner Bros ran an internal investigation that found most of the claims to be true. As a result, the show fired three of its executive producers. All of these three producers were male. Some of these producers were even found guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace. However, they continue to deny this claim.

Ellen DeGeneres
Source: BBC

Ellen DeGeneres Will Soon Talk To Her Fans

Ellen got support from many celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Hart, and Katy Perry. In one of her outings to a place, one reporter asked her what he has to say to her fans who have supported her throughout this course of 17 years of the show. At that time, she revealed that she will soon talk to her fans and clarify everything to them.

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