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Is It Logan Paul Versus Floyd Mayweather? Conor McGregor’s Coach Has Some Doubts!

Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather
Source: SPORTbible

Floyd Mayweather Approached By Logan Paul For Exhibition Match

Floyd Mayweather is regarded as the best professional boxer of all time for his pure technique and skill. It could get understood from the fact that he has never lost a single bout in his life as a professional boxer. Mayweather is famous for retiring and then coming out of it. In 2015, he announced his retirement only to return for his 50th win against Conor McGregor in 2017. Then he again came back for an exhibition match against Nasukawa. Now there are rumours that Mayweather has got approached by the team of popular YouTubers and professional boxer Logan Paul.

Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather
Source: SPORTbible

Conor McGregor’s Coach Questions Fight Between Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather

After the rumours of the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather started making headlines, Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh questioned as to how Logan Paul is getting a pro license to fight Mayweather. He tweeted:

β€œHow is Logan getting a pro license to fight Mayweather? He has no pro combat sports experience? ‘yes but didn’t Conor get a boxing license to debut against him??’ True, but you’re a slow donkey if you think that is in any way similar to a YouTuber getting one for his debut.”

Logan Paul Replies To Conor McGregor’s Coach

Logan Paul noticed the tweet from McGregor’s coach, and he decided to make everything clear. He posted a picture of his license and wrote Relax Karen. However, he later deleted the tweet for some unknown reason. Logan Paul is just two fights old, and both his wars were against the same person- YouTuber KSI. While the first one was a draw, the second one won by KSI. It is courageous of Logan Paul to approach a legend like Mayweather for his third fight.

Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather
Source: MSN

Will Floyd Mayweather Accept Challenge From Logan Paul

It is most probably true that Logan has approached Mayweather. However, it yet is known if Mayweather will accept the challenge from the YouTuber.

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