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Is Jacob Elordi The Playboy Of Hollywood?

Is Jacob Elordi The Playboy Of Hollywood?: Jacob Elordi can’t stop breaking the hearts of one of the most beautiful Hollywood stars. He has even named as ”Playboy” of Hollywood. From Joey King to now being rumoured for dating Zendaya and even Kaia Gerber call it, and he would have probably dated her.

The Ugly Truth About Jacob and Joey’s’s Relationship.

Since ”The Kissing Booth” came out, Fans went crazy pairing Joey King and Jacob Elordi. Fans loved both of them together in a movie and very excited when the two were dating. However, they didn’t last for long and announced their breakup soon after.

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While the famous 22-year-old actor tries to keep his romantic life private, dating the A-listed stars make that nearly impossible. His relationship had gotten him all kind of fame from being one the most romantic classic actor to even a playboy.

Elordi dated Joey for almost two years until Jacob was kissing ’13’13 reasons why” actor Tommy on the cheek. Not much was know about their breakup, but Elordi moved on quickly. And soon after he started dating Cari Flowers. Fans were furious, and rumours were that Elordi even cheated on Joey.

Cheating Rumours.

Around the same corner Cari deleted pictures with Elordi and so did Tommy. Not even a few months past by and he was already rumoured to have new flings. People were even assuming that he was cheating not jut Joey but also Cari and Tommy.

Not after much time, He was hanging out with Euphoria star Zendaya. They even had flirty dates where Jacob was kissing Zendaya’s’s head. And last week they were captured leaving with Kaia Gerber in a Royce.

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